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anchor announcements



Anchor's Origin

Anchor Group is a well known collection of shipping, trading, logistics and freight forwarding companies borne out of the expansion of Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Ltd.

Since the year 2000, companies create for specific or niche purposes are identifying themselves with the Anchor Group name and logo to ensure customers are aware of the connection to one of the oldest and most trusted names in shipping and logistics.

Although the companies have common ownership and integrity, some commercial practices may be different to satisfy markets and partners.

The group has a staff of about 50 employees in Karachi. We are focused on the Shipping Agency / Freight Forwarding business and are actively expanding into related transportation, shipping, logistics, supply chain management and buying/trading agency businesses.


Anchor Shipping & Trading (Pvt) Ltd:   Although primarily a ship's agent through out its history, the company now is acive in freight forwarding and logistics and is a member of Lognet. Historically the company used to represent Lloyd Triestino, Anchor Line and other carriers. The company is well equipped to handle agency work connected with trading products/commodities in Pakistan. Previously they were agents of Tate & Lyle of the UK for over 30 years taking care of all their trading in Pakistan. Its ability to participate in these markets is based on a strong reputation of financial integrity, technical knowledge, and relationships with suppliers and buyers. The company also represents Maruba and Speeda Lines.

Anchor Logistics (Pvt) Ltd:  Established in the year 2000, the company is active in freight forwarding and logistics. It is now a member of WCA as well as the Capital Logistics network. The company represents Credo Shipping Line and also trades on its own name.

ESL Pakistan (Pvt) ltd: A company created to represent Emirates Shipping Line.

Unified Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd:  A logistics and trading company.


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